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Swedish Massage

Uses long smooth strokes to reduce tension, provide gentle relaxation and increase circulation

Deep-Tissue Massage

Includes a focus on specific areas with more intense pressure for a deeper level of bodywork (trigger-point therapy) or a Combination

60 Minutes $75

30 Minutes $40

45 Minutes $58

75 Minutes $94

90 Minutes $112

120 Minutes $148

20 Minute CHAIR Massage


When you are in a hurry but need some relief...Chair massage is done in a seated position with your head, arms and legs supported.

Hot Stone Massage Add-on

Focus on the full body using smooth, heated stones to warm muscles, stimulate circulation and reduce tension for a deeper level of body work.

Add-on 60 Minutes $10

90 Minutes $15

Ashiatsu Massage

During Ashiatsu sessions, the therapist uses soft FEET while seated and standing to provide broad, deep, and intuitive strokes to work through tense muscles. The therapist's body weight and gravity assist in compressive therapeutic pressure.

60 Minutes $112

90 Minutes $168

120 Minutes $220

Pre-Natal Massage

Focus on specific areas with a gentle therapeutic touch to reduce fatigue and ease tension during/after pregnancy

60 Minutes $80

Couples Massage

Side-by-side massage with two therapists who work on each individual at the same time. Couples massage makes a great gift!

60 Minutes $170


Focus on the feet and reflex points to increase energy and release tension.

30 Minutes $40

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a slow, targeted approach for specific muscle groups that are trapped in less-than-optimal patterns. The therapist applies gentle pressure to connective tissue and uses holding patterns of 5 minutes or longer allowing the body to release restrictions due to physical and/or emotional trauma, inflammation, post-surgical, postural issues and scar tissue as well as increasing mobility. The effect on the fascia, when softened and lengthened gives the other issues time to readjust and return to optimal functionality.

120 minutes $188

30 Minutes $50

60 Minutes $95

90 Minutes $142

Dynamic Body Balancing

Dynamic Body Balancing is a blend of techniques in myofascial unwinding, craniosacral, and biofield therapies to help the body release restrictions in its soft tissues. It helps bring the body to a state of homeostasis by restoring function to the nervous system. This can alleviate pain and help with mobility issues. It can also help with stress relief, emotional release, and trauma resolution. Techniques are gentle, hands-on, and performed with clothing on.

(Please wear comfortable clothing for session)

75 minutes $75.00 (includes tax)

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